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Shrimp Disease Testing Service

Despite facing continuous challenges in production and sustainability, the aquaculture industry still perseveres as an essential contributor to food security in so many countries around the world. We understand that Shrimp culture has its own challenges and disease diagnoses is a big part of it. Therefore 3 Little Fish Sdn Bhd together with Caya Primer Sains Sdn Bhd have come up with an affordable and accurate molecular diagnostic detection kit to help ease the burden of shrimp farmers. This detection kit can be used to test for different types of viruses such as EHP, EMS and 8 more common diseases as shown below. With this technology, regular diagnoses can be carried out to detect any potential threats to your culture before it happens.



Outbreak of viral diseases are the most devastating issue in shrimp farming sector, as it causes mass mortalities of the shrimps, and leads to a huge economy impacts to all big and small-scale shrimp farmers around the world. Apart from the biosecurity practices in farms that can be done by farmers, regular check up on the shrimp health is also crucial to avoid any disastrous viral disease outbreaks in a shrimp farm, causing economy loss to all scales shrimp farmers. Therefore, an early SCREENING & DETECTION for your shrimps using molecular diagnostic method (PCR) is important to check and discover any potential viruses or pathogens in your shrimp's body, to prevent any outbreak of disastrous disease in your farm.


Our service has 2 choices of molecular diagnosis method, which are (i) Conventional PCR and (ii) Multiplex PCR

We provide 10 types of disease test including:

Single disease testing and Combo packages are available:

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