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Praziquantel (Anti-helminthic)

Active Ingredients: Praziquantel is a bitter tasting powder which is both mixed in the fish food and taken orally or can be absorbed directly from the treated water, to get rid of internal and external flukes (monogeneans) and internal worms in fish.


The levels given below are not advisable for juvenile fish.  It can be given orally or as a bath.  Prazi does not dissolve easily in water.

General Instructions

The drug is simply stirred vigorously (it is not easy to dissolve) into a liter of clean water and, when mostly dissolved, the white colored suspension is deposited into a high-flow area of the pond. Fish may appear narcotized after dip.

Dosage Information

  • Bath: 10mg/L for 3 hours (1-2g/100L) or 2mg/L for 24 hours.
  • Discontinue carbon and UV during treatment to avoid inactivation of the Praziquantel.
  • You do not need to bypass the filter nor worry about oxygen levels during treatment.
  • The most successful treatments are deployed in cleaner ponds, so any excess leaf litter or debris should be removed.
  • Clearance of the flukes can be determined by microscopy or the overall improvement of signs of flashing and scratching.
  • Oral: 0.5-1g/kg feed.
  • On occasion, segments or ribbons of worms may be passed in the fish stools and are generally of no concern to human health. No side effects as far as fish behaviour or health have been reported or expected.
  • Repeat treatment at weekly intervals for 3 weeks after the first treatment for is recommended for egg laying monogeneans. For prevention of parasites in general, treat once a month.