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Ovaprim (Spawning Fish)

Active Ingredients: Ovaprim is a sterile injectible liquid that contains Syndel’s patented sGnRHa and a dopamine inhibitor.


Ovaprim is injected into the fish during the spawning season to promote and facilitate reproduction of many species of fish. Using OVAPRIM, time to ovulation following injection is highly predictable, with high egg fertility and viability.

Ovaprim can be used in any population of fish during or shortly before the spawning season. When used within a spawning population, Ovaprim will compress the spawning season of cold water fishes to within 1-2 weeks post-injection. For warm water fishes, ovulation times can be shortened to 24-48 hours. There is no substitute for well-described broodstock performance and the best results for using Ovaprim are in stocks with a recorded spawning history.

General Instructions

Anesthetise the fish with Tricaine-S (MS-222) at the recommended level, being sure to mix it thoroughly BEFORE adding the fish. Always handle fish gently, and only when necessary. Avoid contact between the anaesthetic solution and eggs or milt.

Dosage Information

  • A general dose of OVAPRIM is 0.5 ml per kilogram of body weight.
  • This dose may vary among species and locations. Male fishes may require a reduced dose (~1/2 of female’s dose).
  • Ensure that an adequate ratio of males and females are induced at the same time.
  • For most carps, only a single dose of 0VAPRIM is required.
  • For some catfish, a split dose of one quarter (primer dose) and three quarters (second dose) may be required, 6-8 hours hours apart.