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Ovaplant (Spawning Fish)

Active Ingredients: Ovaplant contains a potent analogue of a naturally-occurring brain peptide, salmon Gonadotrophin Releasing hormone (sGnRHa). This peptide initiates maturation in all species of fish through the fishes’ own internal mechanisms.


Ovaplant comes as pellets that are implanted into the fish prior to spawning date. The controlled release of the peptide over time ensures the safe induction of spawning. The peptide vehicle is 100% biodegradable and is made from all natural compounds. Moreover, the ingredients of the implants will not harm the fish or humans.

Ovaplant is effective in synchronizing, advancing maturation and ovulation and helps increase milt production. Ovaplant comes in a pellet form whereby the packing style is 24 pellets fitted in a cartridge.  A specialized implanter called Ralgun is used to implant the pellets into the fish.  Ovaplant is designed for marine finfish as well as larger size freshwater species.

Main uses of Ovaplant:

  1. To advance spawning date in a population. An advanced spawning date gives producers a greater flexibility in marketing eggs and offspring. It also has many beneficial downstream effects that are realized when spawning is confined to a predictable and defined period.
  2. To compress the spawning season. Often fish in a population will spawn over a protracted period. Ovaplant can compress and shorten the spawning season that permits optimization of time and resources.
  3. To restart stalled maturation. Sometimes handling or other stress causes valuable broodstock to stop maturing after the process has begun. Ovaplant can help to restart maturation in a natural way without effecting gamete viability.
  4. To increase milt production. Chronic problems of milt shortages are commonplace in aquaculture. This may disrupt detailed breeding programs. Ovaplant serves to increase milt production and lengthen the time males will produce.

Dosage Information

  • 75ug is for fish weight between 1-8kg
  • 150ug is for fish weight between 8-15kg
  • 250ug is for fish weight between 15-25kg.