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Ovadine (Egg Disinfectant)

Active Ingredients: OVADINE is a specially buffered, non-staining, non-corrosive 10% polyvinylpyrrolidone iodine (PVPI) solution used by fish and shrimp farm personnel as a general disinfectant on equipment, tanks, nets, hands and clothing in hatcheries and at farm sites.


The dark brown liquid contains a minimum 1% available iodine. OVADINE is an easy to use, environmentally friendly, general disinfectant. Ovadine has been shown to be effective against many gram-positive bacteria and fungi and is also used to disinfect fish and shrimp eggs and shrimp nauplii.

Dosage Information: General Disinfectant

  • A 250 ppm available iodine solution is made by diluting 25 ml OVADINE to 1 litre with clean water. Use as a dip or bath.
  • Wash items that are heavily contaminated with soil or organic debris before disinfecting with OVADINE.
  • A change in the solution colour from dark brown to light yellow indicates loss of activity. Ideally, the free iodine concentration should be monitored during treatment. Renew by using a fresh solution of OVADINE.

Dosage Information: Fish Egg Disinfectant

  • Place fertilized eggs into a 100 ppm free iodine solution of 0VADINE for ten minutes. A suitable ratio is 1 volume of eggs to 4 volumes of this solution.
  • A 100 ppm free iodine solution is made by diluting 10 ml OVADINE to 1 litre with clean water.