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Ova-RH (Spawning Fish)

Active Ingredients: Ova-RH is a patented molecule that is a synthetic analogue of Salmon GnRH.


OvaRH is up to 17 times more potent than LHRH in fish including carp and catfish species. OvaRH is effective in many species of fish including salmonids and warm water fishes.

Dosage Information

  • A general dose of OvaRH is 5 to 10 micrograms per kilogram of body weight.
  • This dose may vary among species and locations. Males may require a reduced dose.
  • Ensure that an adequate ratio of males and females are induced at the same time.
  • Dissolve the OvaRH powder in saline. From the bottle of OvaRH withdraw only enough solution required for one fish.