3 Little Fish (3LF) was established in March 2018 to provide solutions that addresses issues currently being faced by the aquatic industry. 3LF works with partners around Asia to provide pioneering and sustainable solutions that ensure our customers’ aquatic ecosystem success, through products that support aquatic animal health and farm production efficiency. Our products work towards the improvement of animal performance, in an economically viable way.

3LF has in-house expertise with over 30 years experience combined. These expertise include fish and shrimp health management, hatchery and grow out culture experience, providing consultancy advice for aquatic ecosystems management and aquaculture methods. 3 Little Fish works together with environmental consultancy partner to achieve their mission to assist private companies and government institutions in the sustainable development of aquaculture, fisheries, lakes and reservoirs, oil and gas development and nearshore coastal environments. Below is a list of consultancy services which 3 Little Fish is able to provide:

1. General environmental consultancy

  • Aquaculture production and hatchery site selection, carrying capacity and sustainability modelling of coastal embayments and lakes.
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).
  • Advice on regulation and management in the setting of environmental standards.

2. Hydraulics and Ecology Modelling

  • Specialises in the modelling of water bodies including coastal marine, open ocean, lake and riverine environments.
  • Specialises in water quality and ecological modelling.
  • Bathymetric survey.

Who we are

Sugania Vijayan

Owner & General Manager


Sugania Vijayan has a M.Sc. in Aquatic Biology from USM. She worked in sales as a product specialist for 2 years as she completed her Master’s thesis. She took steps to further involve herself in the aquaculture sector by monitoring current research and joining the Malaysian Fisheries Society (MFS) where she was the Editor of the MFS newsletter for 2 years. She is also a lifetime member of the Marine Fish Farmer Association of Malaysia (MFFAM).

By 2008, as General Manager of Syndel Asia Sdn Bhd, she helped to turn it into a multi-million dollar company and increased the client base to cover countries such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Africa. She forged partnerships between industry giants such as Bayer Animal Health, AQUI-S New Zealand and Alltech Animal Health with Syndel Asia. She has a vast network of contacts from researchers to farmers, from competent authorities to the movers and shakers of the aquatic industries commercial world.

Sugania ventured into her own aquatic solutions business, Thalassa Aqua in 2017 and subsequently opened up 3 Little Fish a year later. She continues her search for ground-breaking solutions that will move the aquatic industry forward by tapping available local technology.

Erin Tan

Managing Director


Erin Tan studied Aquatic Ecosystems and Fish Parasitology. She obtained her Masters in Science (Zoology) from University of Guelph, Canada in 2005. She is active in the aquaculture industry and is a current committee member of the Malaysian Aquaculture Development Association (MADA). She is also a lifetime member of the Malaysian Fisheries Society (MFS) and a member of the Asian Fisheries Society under the disease section.

Erin has 20 over years experience in aquaculture industry and collaborates from time to time with universities (local and abroad) and with private companies to work on specific projects. Erin has written various articles on fish disease and shrimp farming for MFS as well as the Asia Aquaculture Magazine. She is the industry advisor for UTAR and has inspired many young scholars to embrace the aquaculture industry as a career avenue at the same time providing constructive advice on program structure and industry human capital requirements.

Erin is the key person for 3 Little Fish in advising our customers on fish and shrimp health and aquatic ecosystems management as well as using our products effectively to provide the desired results.

Our Team

Johnathan Daniel Maxey

Environmental Technical Consultant

Johnathan has a Master’s Degree in marine science with more than 8 years of experience working in the field of microbial ecology and nutrient cycling. He has been involved in projects regarding environmental monitoring, nutrient cycling, benthic and pelagic microbial ecology for the US Department of Defense, The Tasmanian Salmon Growers Association, and Sanford among others. Johnathan handles environmental management and water quality sampling projects in Peninsular Malaysia for AquaDynamic Solutions. Johnathan is 3 Little Fish’s key consultant for water treatment, aquatic ecosystem management and environmental projects around the region.

Adam Jaeleni

Technical Supervisor (Project Basis)

Adam has a wide array of experience related to aquaculture and well as aqua landscaping. He started working as a farm supervisor in Global Satria, Sabah where he learn how to culture and produce white shrimp. He has basic lab and field research skills and can handle sampling and treatment of lakes and other water bodies. Adam has 10 years of experiencing breeding and grow-out of Koi fishes and has constructed and maintain many Koi ponds while he was working for the Sentul Koi Park Centre under YTL group. He now works in collaboration with 3 Little Fish through his skill in mechanical work and handles installation and repairs of aerators, fountains, ponds, pool and aquaculture recycling systems.

Goh Yoke Mae

Business Development Executive

An independent and self-motivated fresh graduate from Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Yoke Mae like to take initiative and seek out new challenges. She interned at the Taiwan National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, building her knowledge in coral propagation. Yoke Mae has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science and is well versed in the marine ecosystem and well as environmental impact studies. She joins 3 Little Fish as a stepping stone in her career in the aquaculture and marine related industry.

Chen Nuo Geng

Environment Scientist

Nuo Geng is a graduate of University Malaysia Sabah with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Science. He is currently working with ADS as Environment Scientist to further his experience and knowledge in the field related to environmental studies. He is capable of handling multiple projects at a time with minimum supervision. Reliable and driven, with strong time management and prioritization abilities. Ability to critically think and implement ideas. He can be a team player and resolve problems and conflicts professionally.

Official Partners

Syndel Laboratories Ltd

For over 40 years, Syndel has been in the forefront of developing and marketing fish culture products, biosecurity supplies, and spawning agents that are approved by a number of national regulatory bodies for distribution worldwide. Syndel currently markets products to over 40 countries.

Some of Syndel’s more prominent products include Ovaprim, which is a spawning hormones, Tricaine-S (TMS, MS-222), which is an FDA, and Health Canada approved fish anesthetic and Ovadine (PVP Iodine) , which is a buffered fish egg disinfectant. Both their MS-222 and Ovadine products are manufactured at their Ferndale, WA plant.

Over the years Syndel has evolved into a world-class organization that specializes in cost effective aquatic animal health solutions for fish reproduction, disease prevention, treatment and biosecurity. The growth in aquaculture for domestic use and international trade has become increasingly regulated, as such it is essential that aquatic animal health products are produced and used in compliance with the rigid regulations. Syndel is committed to supplying and developing safe and effective products that meet these exacting criteria. Syndel developed its product line to address the need for consistency and value throughout the industry


Calix is a multi-award-winning Australian technology company that is developing new processes and materials to solve global challenges.

The core technology is a world-first, patented “kiln” built in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria that produces “mineral honeycomb” – very highly active minerals!

Calix is using these minerals, which are safe and environmentally friendly, to improve waste water treatment and phosphate removal, help protect sewer assets from corrosion, and help improve food production from aquaculture and agriculture with reduced anti-biotics, fungicides and pesticides.

Calix has developed an amazing product for the aquaculture industry called AQUA-Cal+TM. Aqua-Cal+ is a safe, environmentally friendly water conditioner that directly address problems associated with intense aquaculture such as disease and pollution, and deliver improved feed performance and yield.

The unique properties of AQUA-Cal+TM arise from the formation and optimisation of reactive superoxide species in our magnesium hydroxide particles, as well as enhanced calcium, from Calix’s unique CFC technology. These special features work with the well-established acid neutralisation and water clarification properties of Magnesium Hydroxide Liquids to provide an enhanced environment for aquaculture.

” 3LF has a very strong commitment towards the future development of the aquaculture industry and we strongly believe that the only way to shape this future is to do it with close collaboration and partnerships with key players in the market.”

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