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Spawning Hormones


Ovaprim is a sterile injectable liquid that contains Syndel’s patented sGnRHa and a dopamine inhibitor. It is injected into the fish during the spawning season to promote and facilitate reproduction of many species of fish. Using Ovaprim, time to ovulation following injection is highly predictable, with high egg fertility and viability.

Ovaprim can be used in any population of fish during or shortly before the spawning season. When used within a spawning population, Ovaprim will compress the spawning season of cold-water fishes to within 1-2 weeks post-injection. For warm water fishes, ovulation times can be shortened to 24-48 hours. There is no substitute for well-described broodstock performance and the best results for using Ovaprim are in stocks with a recorded spawning history.

Ovaprim fish spawning hormone
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10mL per vial (20ug sGnRHa/mL)

Dosage & Application:

1. General dose

0.5 ml/kg of fish body weight.

2. Males may require a reduced dose

Dose may vary among species and locations. Male fishes may require a reduced dose (~1/2 of female’s dose).

3. Adequate ratio of males and females
Ensure that an adequate ratio of males and females are induced at the same time.
4. Dose for carps
For most carps, only a single dose of Ovaprim is required.
5. Dose for Catfish

For some catfish, a split dose of one quarter (primer dose) and three quarters (second dose) may be required, 6-8 hours apart.

General Instructions:

Anesthetize fish with Tricaine-S (MS-222) at recommended level prior to the injection. Be sure to mix it thoroughly BEFORE adding the fish. Always handle fish gently, and only when necessary. Avoid contact between the anesthetic solution and eggs or milt.

Ovaprim Fish Breeding Hormone


Ovaplant-L is the LIQUID version of Ovaplant, a slow-release spawning inducer containing a potent analogue of a naturally occurring brain peptide, sGnRHa for maturation and ovulation of fishes. Sterile injectable liquid form of Ovaplant allows users to extract and apply an ideal dose for a wide range of fish sizes.

Ovaplant-L is effective in synchronizing, advancing maturation and ovulation and helps increase milt production. It is also designed for the marine finfish as well as larger freshwater species.

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20mL per vial (100 µg sGnRHa/mL)

Dosage & Application:

  • 10ug/kg of fish body weight in a single injection.
  • Inject as a single slow-release injection.
  • Can be injected immediately prior to the normal spawning season.
  • Repeat injections may be given to fish treated long before normal spawning.
Product Information

Main Uses Of Ovaplant-L

Ovaplant-L Fish Hormone
To advance spawning date in a population

An advanced spawning date gives producers a greater flexibility in marketing eggs and offspring. It also has many beneficial downstream effects that are realized when spawning is confined to a predictable and defined period.

To compress the spawning season

Often fish in a population will spawn over a prolonged period. Ovaplant-L can compress and shorten the spawning season that permits optimization of time and resources.

To restart stalled maturation

Sometimes handling or other stress causes valuable broodstock to stop maturing after the process has begun. Ovaplant-L can help to restart maturation in a natural way without affecting gamete viability.

To increase milt production

Chronic problems of milt shortages are commonplace in aquaculture. This may disrupt detailed breeding programs. Ovaplant-L serves to increase milt production and lengthen the time males will produce.



LHRHa is an analogue of mammalian luteinizing hormone releasing hormone used for fish reproduction. Make up only enough stock solution as will be required for each day’s dosage. Fish should be anesthetized with Tricaine-S and weighed prior to injection.

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Dosage & Application:

Dose for Clarias Catfish
Single injection 20ug/kg, ovulation 15-18 hours later.
Dose for Carp

Double injection 5ug/kg Primer, 15ug/kg Secondary with 18-20 hours interval, ovulation between 4-8 hours after last injection.

Dose for Grouper
Three injections of 10ug/kg at interval of 12 hours, ovulation after 15-18 hours after third injection.
LHRHa Dilution

LHRHa can be diluted in either distilled water or saline solution (0.6-0.9%).

LHRHa Spawning Peptide for Aquaculture Breeding


OvaRH is a patented molecule that is a synthetic analogue of Salmon GnRH. It is up to 17 times more potent than LHRH in fish including carp and catfish species. OvaRH is effective in many species of fish including salmonids and warm water fishes.

OvaRH Hormone for Induced Fish Breeding
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Dosage & Application:

1. General dose

5-10μg/kg of fish body weight.

2. Males may require a reduced dose
Dose may vary among species and locations. Males may require a reduced dose.
3. Adequate ratio of males and females
Ensure that an adequate ratio of males and females are induced at the same time.
4. Dissolve the Ova-RH powder in saline

From the bottle of OvaRH withdraws only enough solution required for one fish.

HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotrophic

HCG is a gonad stimulating hormone, used either alone or with LHRHa to induce ovulation in various species of fish, particularly marine finfish.

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10000iu per vial, 10 vials per box

Dosage & Application:

  • Dissolve in saline water before injection
  • 1000-1500iu/kg of fish body weight.
  • Dose may vary among species and location.
  • On groupers, use triple injection of 1000iu/kg at 12 – 24 hours interval, 
    ovulation at 12 up to 48 hours after last injection.