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Acriflavine Neutral

Acriflavine has a long history of usefulness for the control of fish diseases. Acriflavine Neutral is useful for fish egg disinfection, treatment of open wounds, and external protozoan infections, mouth and fin rot. The drug is effective in the control of the bacterial infection “columnaris” (Flexibacter columnaris). It is also a preventative and treatment for the control of Oodinium (Velvet) in freshwater and marine fishes. Acriflavine may also be considered as an alternative to Malachite Green when it is known that a certain species of fish may be sensitive to Malachite Green.

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Dosage & Application:


Use 1 teaspoon (approximately 5 mL) per 25 to 50 litres of water. This produces a concentration of 10 to 5 ppm. When used at this concentration, 100mL of Acriflavine will treat approximately 1000 litres of water.

Stock Solution

1 g to 1 liter of water.

Dosage A

1mL stock solution to each liter of aquarium water to prevent infections.

Dosage B

3mL stock solution to each liter of water for 4 days to help against infections in the early stage.

Dosage C

5mL stock solutions to each liter of water in a separate container for 2-4 days against Columnaris spp., Costia spp., Trichodina spp. and Chilodonella spp.

Dosage D

10mL stock solution to each liter of water in a separate container for 20 days (against Ichthyophthirius spp.) or for 10 days (against Oodinium spp.). Caution: Many fish do not tolerate this dosage.


Asta-3LF is the natural astaxanthin, carotenoids and chelated mineral that helps to reduce stress and increase color of aquatic animals within 7-14 days of feeding.

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  • Asta-3LF will activate the pigment gene and receptor to enhance and increase the colour for both shrimp and fish.
  • Asta-3LF has good bioavailability, easy digestion and high absorption which is excellent for pigment accumulation and helps to boost performance to increase the colour.
  • It can enhance the shell and reduce loose shells after molting. Asta-3LF can reduce stress and increase survival rate.
  • Asta-3LF can increase shrimp colour index for both live and cooked shrimp

Dosage & Application:

Mix 5g – 10g of Asta-3LF for every kilogram of feed for 7- 14 days before harvesting.

Feed Premix 50%

Feed Premix 50% is a medicated premix to treat a wide variety of bacterial diseases in fish. It is effective against several important fish pathogens.

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Dosage & Application:


10-50mg/L and treat for 1 hour for surface bacterial infections

Prolonged immersion

10-100mg/L and treat for 1-3 days

  • 50-80mg/kg of fish body weight for 10 days
  • 100mg/kg fish body weight for 21 days to treat bacterial kidney disease
3LF Fish Oil

3LF Fish Oil is used as an essential feed ingredient in fish and shrimp feed.  Fish oil is a major ingredient in fish feeds for finfish due to its essential fatty acid content, in particular omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFA). 3LF Fish Oil is low in contaminants, has a deep rich colour and smell and is used by farmers as attractant for medicated feed. 

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Suitable as feed ingredient to all animals, especially fish and shrimp feed.

Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue is effective against superficial fungal infections in fishes. The drug may be used as an alternative to Malachite Green for the control of fungus when it is known that the fish to be treated are sensitive. Methylene Blue is safe for use with fish eggs and fry for the prevention of fungal infections. As a secondary use, it is effective against some external protozoans, such as Ichthyophthirius (Ich), Chilodonella and Costia. It is also very effective when used as part of a “medicated fish bath” for treatment of ammonia, nitrite, and cyanide poisoning as well as for topical and internal treatment of injured or sick fish as a “first response”.

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Dosage & Application:

For attacks on fish eggs, use a solution of Methylene Blue adding 3-5 mg/L as a preventative measure after the eggs are laid.

Praziquantel 10%

Praziquantel is an anti-helminthic bitter tasting powder which is both mixed in the fish food and taken orally or can be absorbed directly from the treated water, to get rid of internal and external flukes (monogeneans) and internal worms in fish

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General Instructions:

The drug is simply stirred vigorously (it is not easy to dissolve) into a liter of clean water and, when mostly dissolved, the white colored suspension is deposited into a high-flow area of the pond. Fish may appear narcotized after dip.

Dosage & Application:

1. Bath
  • Bath: 10mg/L for 3 hours (1-2g/100L) or 2mg/L for 24 hours.
  • Discontinue carbon and UV during treatment to avoid inactivation of the Praziquantel.
  • You do not need to bypass the filter nor worry about oxygen levels during treatment.
  • The most successful treatments are deployed in cleaner ponds, so any excess leaf litter or debris should be removed.
  • Clearance of the flukes can be determined by microscopy or the overall improvement of signs of flashing and scratching.
2. Oral
  • Oral:5-1g/kg feed.
  • On occasion, segments or ribbons of worms may be passed in the fish stools and are generally of no concern to human health. No side effects as far as fish behaviour or health have been reported or expected.
  • Repeat treatment at weekly intervals for 3 weeks after the first treatment is recommended for egg laying monogeneans. For prevention of parasites in general, treat once a month.


  • The levels given below are not advisable for juvenile fish.
  • Praziquantel does not dissolve easily in water.

3LF DHA consist of traceable and sustainable long chain Omega-3s sourced from microalgae (Schizochytrium spp.) used as a feed supplement that is high in polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), helping to provide a balanced diet for aquatic animal in all stages of life.

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Benefits of 3LF DHA:

  • Create barriers to pathogens on the fish’s skin.
  • Improve microbiome composition and intestinal health
  • Better growth performance in shrimp
  • Support brain and eye health at all stages of life

Dosage & Application:

Mix 3-20g of 3LF DHA per kg feed.