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Ovadine is a specially buffered, non-staining, non-corrosive 10% polyvinylpyrrolidone iodine (PVPI) solution used by fish and shrimp farm personnel as a general disinfectant on equipment, tanks, nets, hands and clothing in hatcheries and at farm sites.

The dark brown liquid contains a minimum 1% available iodine. Ovadine is an easy to use, environmentally friendly, general disinfectant. Ovadine has been shown to be effective against many gram-positive bacteria and fungi and is also used to disinfect fish and shrimp eggs and shrimp nauplii.

Ovadine Egg Disinfectant
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4 x 4L

Dosage & Application:

General Disinfectant

  • A 250ppm available iodine solution is made by diluting 25mL Ovadine to 1L with clean water. Use as a dip or bath.
  • Wash items that are heavily contaminated with soil or organic debris before disinfecting with Ovadine.
  • A change in the solution color from dark brown to light yellow indicates loss of activity. Ideally, the free iodine concentration should be monitored during treatment. Renew by using a fresh solution of Ovadine.

Fish Egg Disinfectant

  • A 100ppm free iodine solution is made by diluting 10mL Ovadine to 1L with clean water
  • Place fertilized eggs into a 100ppm free iodine solution of Ovadine for 10 minutes. A suitable ratio is 1 volume of eggs to 4 volumes of this solution

Virkon®️ Aquatic

Virkon® Aquatic is a concentrated disinfectant powder that when mixed with water forms a powerful cleaning and disinfecting solution with efficacy against fish viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds. Virkon® Aquatic is the ultimate disinfectant for use in fish culture operations.  It is independently proven to be highly effective against significant aquatic pathogens and is used around the world.  Virkon® Aquatic is effective on viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold and can be used whilst the aquatic animal is in the water. Virkon® Aquatic solutions are fast acting, colorless, fragrance free and non-irritating, which makes it the ultimate disinfectant for use in Aquatic applications.  The ingredients have been carefully selected for their ability to degrade quickly within the environment.

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4.53KG (10LBs) Tub

Dosage & Application:

Mix the Virkon® Aquatic powder with clean water according to the dilution instructions in the following table


A 1% Virkon® Aquatic solution is recommended for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces associated with aquaculture including: Tanks, vehicles, boats, nets, boots, waders, dive suits, & other equipment.

For heavily soiled surfaces, it is recommended to clean with an appropriate detergent prior to disinfection

Innoman®️ CHL

Innoman® CHL contains nano-silver that is dispersed and well-mixed in pure water solution using innovative dispersing technique. It releases Ag ions with high precision and is stable which is highly effective in eliminating bacteria through integration and with long lasting antibacterial effect.

Innoman® CHL is recommended to be used in aquaculture and animal husbandry.

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Benefits of Innoman® CHL in Aquaculture

  • Prevention of intestinal diseases
  • Reduce the pathogen from the bait that causes the contamination of the pond
  • Control and manage the water pollution
  • Prophylaxis in wound infections
  • Complete protection for the live fish, shrimps and shells breeding and transportation

Dosage & Application:

Normal recommended use concentrations in the formulations are 0.1 – 0.5% w/w.